5 Ways to Spice Up your Cross Stitch

Thinking of ways you can spice up your cross stitch? If you’ve been stitching for a while, you may have noticed the most common thing found online  is the white Aida fabric 14 count stitched on with two strands of cotton floss.

Like everything else, new techniques and material are popping up with time turning a regular cross stitch into something more modern and fashionable.

You may be already familiar with some of the techniques below but never really tried them yet. The smallest change can make wonders and revitalize your interest in stitching by getting different results.

Make your cross stitch stand out with this various super easy ideas!

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1- Use a different color of fabric

White Aida fabric is probably the most commonly bought and used type of fabric. Sometimes trying a different type could give more interesting results.

You can play with fabric color the same way you do with floss color. You can even change the color yourself by dyeing or painting your fabric.

Look at the design of your pattern. Now imagine it on a pink, blue or a black fabric. The contrast of colors can make the entire difference!

Also, your white stitches can finally stand out!

Most of your brand providers usually have various colors of fabric. Here’s an example from Minerva Crafts.

This Charlescraft 14 Counts fabric is available in 19 different colors!

2- Change the number of strands used for added effect

You can play around with effects not only by using color shade changes but also the number of strands. We usually choose two strands when stitching, but going for one or three can have a shade effect.

3- Give metallic threads a try

We’re all used to the cotton floss when stitching but metallic threads are slowly getting used more frequently. They add color, texture and light to your stitching, making the overall design more appealing and interesting.

Metallic threads are not as lenient as cotton so you have to be a bit more careful. Take it slow at first until you get used to it as it won’t feel the same way.

Unlike regular cotton threads, metallic threads have a different measurement type and are more adapted to larger fabric count.

Kreinik threads are the most popular brand of metallic threads recommended by most online stitchers. You can find them in various colors and sizes on Amazon.

Be careful not to separate the strands like you do for regular threads!

4- Accessorize your stitching with beads or buttons!

We all have beads and buttons laying around in sewing boxes. Why not make use of them and incorporate them in your stitching. It would end up having a nice 3D effect.

5- Take it up a crazier notch with Glow-in-the-Dark threads

Turn off the lights and see your stitching take on a whole different dimension!
Here’s an example of a cross stitch kit available on Etsy that uses glow in the dark threads.

You can also buy your own glow in the dark threads and create your own designs that is admired by your family and friends even when the lights are out.

There you go! Five ideas you can try right now in order to completely change the way you cross-stitch. Are there any other methods you use? Let us know!

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