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How to Do a Three Quarter Stitch

Have you come across a three-quarter stitch in your pattern? If you know how to do a half stitch and a quarter stitch, then you will easily be able to do a three quarter stitch.

What is a three quarter stitch used for?

Usually, the three quarter stitch is used for extra details and shadowing in your piece, just like the quarter stitch. Your pattern will sometimes show three symbols for one color and another for the other color. This means that your square will consist of a three quarter stitch of one color and a quarter of the other. It is especially useful when your image contains circles and curves. So don’t be afraid of patterns involving fractional stitches, they will just make your final piece look much better and more detailed.

How to do a three quarter stitch?

Just like three quarters is the sum of a quarter and a half, a three quarter stitch will combine a quarter stitch and a half stitch. It is always better to start with the quarter stitch and use the remaining thread to cover it. If you haven’t learned how to do a quarter stitch, read the tutorial now.

So start as if you were doing a regular quarter stitch. Make sure to properly follow the direction of the stitches according to your pattern. If you start at the wrong corner, you will have to redo your stitch.

Now that your quarter stitch is done, continue as if you were closing a regular stitch and go all the way to the opposing corner. If you did everything right, your end result should look something like this:

If your square contains another quarter stitch with a different color, do it first, followed by the three quarter stitch. That way, your half stitch will cover the center of the square for a much smoother look.

So that’s all you need to know to do a three-quarter stitch. Pretty simple.

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