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Where Can I Sell Completed Cross Stitch Pieces?

If you enjoy cross stitch and have more finished pieces than you need, try selling them. They make great gifts.

Note: If you used someone else’s pattern, make sure you are not violating any copyright. Patterns usually have a notice with them that tells you what you can and can’t do with the design. You can also contact the pattern designer to find out what they permit.

Take Custom Orders

Spread the word out to family and friends that you are selling your cross stitch pieces. Let them know you can also take custom orders. Every time you hear someone asking about gift ideas, suggest something.

If you want to grow, create a page on social media to show off your work. Ask anyone who buys a piece from you to tell a friend. Who knows? You may have enough orders to cover all your needlework material for years.

Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace is a good place to test local sales. Consider framed decorations for a child’s room, cushion covers, Christmas decorations etc. Remember to include a descriptive title and plenty of notes in the description (including dimensions) so customers understand what they’re buying without sending you lots of questions.

Craft Fairs

Check your local listings for nearby craft fairs. Anyone who visits these types of fairs can be a potential customer. There are a few costs involved such as transportation, booth rental, etc… but if you have enough completed cross stitch projects to cover your costs, you can make it back.


You can find almost anything on ebay, including completed cross stitch pieces. When you create your listing, make sure to add as many details as possible including a good picture. Set your price and let their auction system do the rest.


Etsy is the biggest marketplace for handmade items and is a good place to learn the ropes of online sales. Register on the website, create your store, list your items and get started. If you design cross stitch patterns, you can list them as well.

Check out this post about how to create an Etsy store.

Etsy charges a small listing fee and a 5% transaction fee on all sales. Remember to check their fees policy before you join.

Again, a good item title and detailed description is super important. Etsy is a huge marketplace and you’ll be completing with lots of other sellers to get your work seen. Read some Etsy success AND failure stories to get an idea for what’s important in your marketing.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can create your own online store and sell your products. Pricing starts from USD$29/mth and you have to attract your own customers so this is a longer term, small business investment rather than a casual sales platform.

If crafting is an ongoing passion, make sure you do plenty of research on digital marketing and reaching customers before you start. Who is your target market? Where do they hang out? How will you reach them? What are they looking for? Who are your competitors?

The internet gets busier every day so a Shopify store (or your own website) takes time and education to be successful.

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