Where Can I Sell my Completed Cross-Stitch Piece?

Did you know you can make money from selling your completed cross-stitch projects? If you enjoy doing it and have pieces you don’t really know what to do with, you can always try selling them! They make great gifts but not everyone enjoys cross-stitching. There are several websites online where you can create your store and sell your completed pieces. How about turning that hobby into a side mini-business? Here are a few places where you can sell your completed piece.

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Etsy is the biggest marketplace for handmade items and the perfect place to start. Register on the website, create your store, list your items and start selling. If you design cross-stitch patterns, you can list them as well as any other handmade products you have at hand.

Check out this tutorial about how to create and Etsy store!


Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can create your own online store and sell your products.


You can find almost everything on ebay, including completed cross-stitched pieces. When you create your listing, make sure to add as many details as possible including a good picture. Set your price and let the website do the rest!


Like ebay, Amazon is also one of the largest e-commerce websites there is. People from all over the world shop on Amazon and you are sure to reach people who might be interested in your completed cross-stitch piece. Create your seller profile and list your products!

Take Custom Orders

Spread the word out to family and friends that you are selling your cross-stitched pieces. Let them know you can also take custom orders! Every time you hear someone asking about gift ideas, suggest something. If you want to grow, create a page on social media and show off your work. Ask anyone who buys a piece from you to link back to you. Who knows? You may have enough orders to cover all your needlework material for years!

Craft Fairs

Check your local listings for nearby craft fairs. Anyone who visits these types of fairs can be a potential customer. There are a few costs involved such as transportation, booth rental, etc… but if you have enough completed cross-stitch projects with a total price enough to cover your costs, you can make it all back!

Your Own Website

If you want to go all the way, start your own website! Nowadays, anyone can launch their own e-store in less than an hour for practically. You can upload as many products as you want as well as sell your patterns if you design them. The plus side of owning your own store is that there are no limitations and you won’t need to rent an office area or a warehouse. You can do everything from the comfort of your living room couch.

A word of advice when selling your completed piece: if you used someone else’s pattern, make sure you are not violating any copyright. Patterns usually have a notice with them that will tell you what you are allowed to do and not do. You can also contact the pattern’s designer to find out more about what they permit. If in doubt, don’t.

What about you? Have you ever sold a completed piece? Let us know where and how in the comments below and we’ll update our list!

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  1. hi i am from Nepal . i produce cross stitch card with hand made lokta paper and finding place to sell .if any one interested plz contact me

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