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Best Threads

Just like paint on a canvas, your cross-stitch piece will be reflected using the threads you use. There are several brands, hundreds of color options and the combinations can be endless. So what to buy exactly?

The top brand?

The most famous and used cross-stitch threads out there are DMC’s six-strand embroidery floss. Almost every, if not all, pattern out there will have a DMC thread chart to compare. Check out DMC’s product listings on Amazon!

DMC has over 500 color in their collection, basically covering any you might need. The floss is also made with 100% cotton that resist fading. The dyes they use to color the floss is also safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Every color of floss has a specific number so there is no chance for confusion or mixup. The color I almost always seem to be running out of is the DMC 310 or the black, especially since I use it a lot for blackwork embroidery as well as outlining.

Note that DMC also has other types of threads that are not necessarily for cross-stitching so make sure you’re choosing the right one.

Fun fact: DMC has been around since the mid 1700s!

Any other brands?

Another very famous and used brand is Anchor. While their numbering system is different than DMC, there are plenty of conversion charts online to find the equivalent color. A lot of charts and patterns also list the Anchor color chart in the first place so no need to convert!

But I can’t buy 500 colors!

Once you find a pattern you want to create, you will usually find the list of floss you would like to use. If it’s not your first project, you may already have some or all the colors you need. If you’re missing a few, you can always replace them with another that’s close to the one you have.

There are color charts online you can buy that will help you find alternative or similar colors.

I really have to buy it

If you still need to buy a few colors, don’t forget to look at the pattern information as they will not only have the colors to use but how what is the length of each color that is needed more or less to make sure you don’t run out.

On average, when you purchase floss, it will amount to 8 meters (or about 8.7 yards).

You should be able to find the specific color you need by writing “DMC ###” in the search box of any site selling craft supplies such as Etsy or UK’s Minerva Crafts, or Amazon.

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