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How to Do a Quarter Stitch

As we saw earlier, there are different types of stitches. In this article, we’ll be looking at one in particular that may appear to be difficult to do: the famous quarter stitch.

Keep reading to know how to do a quarter stitch when cross stitching.

What is a quarter stitch and when are they used?

Unlike the half stitch which goes all the way to the corner of the square, the quarter stitch will go half that distance. The needle will go back in the center of the square. Like all fractional stitches, quarter stitches are used to add detail in your completed project. They can be particularly useful when contouring certain areas in your pattern or when you want to give the impression of a background in certain sections.

It may take time to get used to doing quarter stitches fast. This can be extremely frustrating, especially for perfectionists who really want to hit the exact center and get it right. So, don’t give up if it doesn’t work from the first few tries. Quarter stitches will add details to your project that can completely change its appearance.

How to do a quarter stitch

First of all, you will need to find and mark the center of the square. Try to aim as much as possible to the exact middle of the square that will be pierced. It may take a few attempts to get it right especially if you’re using a high count fabric. Once you’ve identified the center, you can start stitching.

Quarter stitches can go from any direction and start from any corner so make sure to double check your pattern to see which way you’ll be going.

Enter the needle from the corresponding corner just like you would be doing with a regular stitch. Pass the thread through the center of the square that you marked earlier.

Your quarter stitch is done.

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