3 Websites Where you Can Find Free Cross-Stitch Patterns

We all love free cross-stitch patterns don’t we? I remember spending hours sometimes online looking for that perfect pattern to download and create. I’m assuming so do you since you are reading this right now. To make your life easier, I compiled a list of websites that offer beautiful free patterns you can download and use.


1- Ann’s Cross Stitch Patterns

The best thing about Ann’s Patterns is… well there are so many amazing things about her website. All of her patterns are free and very simple to make. The end result is really beautiful. Some patterns are larger and need more detail than others but they all only need full cross stitches. With over 3000 designs in almost any category imaginable, you are sure to find one to your liking. I am currently working on her Sky Dance pattern and the details and shading are just beautiful. Her pattern charts are also extremely easy to read. If you’re a beginner and want to create elaborate pieces with only full cross stitches, this is the site for you.


2- Cross-Stitching.com

Cross-Stitching.com is one of the best websites online related to cross-stitching. They have a large resource of free patterns and projects to create. You can use their search tool to find the theme of your choice and download the pattern. What makes them unique is that they will also provide you with ideas about how to adapt this pattern into beautiful gift ideas!


3- Pinterest

Although not technically a pattern provider, you can easily search pins for free cross-stitch patterns and get redirected to the original website. While you’re there, don’t forget to give Cross Stitch Academy a follow!


If you download any of these patterns, make sure to read the author’s notice. While some don’t mind you selling your final work or sharing the patterns with your friends, others have a few restrictions when it comes to the use of their patterns.

Happy pattern hunting!


Do you know of any website providing free cross-stitch patterns? Let us know in the comments below so they can be added to the list!

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