Looking for Cross-Stitching Magazines?

Cross-stitching magazines are still of value in the life of a cross-stitcher. They offer patterns, tutorials, advice and plenty of tips and tricks and finishing ideas! Even though you can still buy them at your local craft stores or bookstore, a lot of these magazines have made the jump to the online format in addition to their hardcopy.

In order to give you a better idea of what’s out there, we rounded up some of the most popular cross-stitching magazines!

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Cross Stitch Crazy

Cross Stitch Crazy is aimed at both beginner and advanced stitchers. With each issue you will find stitching charts varying from quick-stitch to more advanced designs. You will also find news and products recommended by experts in the field. With each issue, you will also  receive an exclusive free gift which can be anything from a free kit to charts or stitching accessories.

Availability: Print & Online

Frequency: 13 Issues a year

Cross Stitch Gold

Each issue of Cross Stitch Gold contains eight designs including complicated stitches and techniques. This magazine is targeted to more experienced users as the designs are large and intricate and require special supplies and threads. It also provides advice and tips from the experts.

Availability: Print & Online

Frequency: 9 Issues a year

The World of Cross-Stitching

Launched in 1997, The World of Cross-Stitching is number one on the market. It is THE must-buy magazine for stitchers of all levels everywhere. You will find designs, expert advice, product round-ups, technical features, etc…

Availability: Print & Online

Frequency: 13 Issues a year

So, there you go! Do you subscribe to any of these? Are you satisfied with the content? What other magazines do you subscribe to that would be interesting to add to this article? Let us know in the comments below!

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