6 Cross-Stitch Supplies you Need for your First Project

Before starting your first project, there are a few essential cross-stitch supplies you will need. If you purchased a cross-stitching kit, most of the items you need will usually be provided. Otherwise, here’s a full list of the cross-stitch supplies you should have at hand before beginning. They are all very easy to find at any crafts store or you can simply order them online.


The Pattern

Just like a building needs a blueprint before construction starts, you need a pattern.

Whether it is stamped or you’re using a blank cloth, a pattern to follow is required. There’s nothing worse than working on a project for days only for the result to be different than what you had in mind.

You can find a huge variety of cross-stitching patterns online, some free, some not. You can either buy your pattern or design your own based on an image or text.

Make sure to follow your pattern while stitching as it is essential if you don’t want your finished piece to look like nothing you had in mind!


The Fabric

There are several types of fabric you can use for cross-stitching: Aida cloth, linen, etc… For beginners, I recommend starting with an 11 or 14 count Aida cloth. A 14 count means there are 14 squares in each inch. Fabrics also are available in various colors. For your first project, the color white is your safe choice.


The Needle

Not all needles are created equal! You will need a proper tapestry needle with a blunt tip. Like with fabric count, there are different needle sizes. The needle size will depend on the count of your fabric. For a 14 count cloth, a needle size 24 is the one to go with.




Personally, I am a fan of six stranded floss like DMC but there are many brands and types of floss to choose from. The important thing is to have the right colors at hand.

Your pattern’s chart will be your guide as it will list all of the colors you will need. Being a perfectionist, I like to have the exact colors indicated on the chart. For smaller projects, you can switch the indicated color with another if you want. However, when it comes to larger projects with more details and shades of colors, it’s better to get the correct ones.


Embroidery Scissors

Please invest in a good pair of embroidery scissors, they are called that for a reason. They are perfect for the clean close cuts while stitching.


Optional: A Hoop

I attribute the failure to my first stitching projects largely to not using a hoop. While you can do with not using one, a hoop will help keep your cloth firmly stretched while you work. It is perfect to avoid uneven stitches. Hoops come in several sizes as well so choose one that fits your project.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to not leave your project in the hoop when you’re not working. That way you will avoid leaving marks on your fabric.


Do you have all the needed cross-stitching supplies at hand? Then you’re ready to go!

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    1. Hi Rosemary! I don’t sell supplies on this website. You can get supplies locally in any Arts and Crafts stores near you or order them online from sites like Etsy or Amazon.

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