Start your Own Cross-Stitch Online Store Website in 10 Minutes

Have you ever thought about a creating a website and launching your own cross-stitch online store? Did you know you can be set and ready to sell in less than 10 minutes? And yes, you don’t need to have any technical background of the sort! This article will include all the list of steps you need in order to create and setup your own website and start selling products. All in less than 10 minutes and at a minor cost!


Choosing a Name

Any store, whether brick-and-mortar or online, needs a name, a brand that people will identify. Think carefully about your name as it will reflect who you are. For example, if you only do blackwork embroidery, you can include that in your name to reflect what products you own. Brainstorming and choosing the perfect name might and should take time. Once you found one, you’re ready to move to the next step.


Buying a Domain Name

Your domain name will be the link people will input in order to access your website. It can be a .com, .net etc… Usually, your domain name is the same as your brand but this is not a must. Godaddy is one of the most popular domain name providers. Type in the name you want and the website will offer you all available names and their variations. Again, if you don’t find the exact name you want, don’t panic. Just keep searching until you find what you want. You may want to avoid numbers and hyphens as it might make the name harder to remember when typing.

Once you found your domain name, just buy it and proceed to the next step!


Getting a Hosting Account

Any website needs a place that will store and save your files. This is what we call hosting. When people type in your domain name, they will be redirected to your hosting. There are hundreds of hosting companies online, some more popular than others and they can be as cheap as 5$ a month! Once you are buying your hosting account, they will ask you for your domain name. That’s it! They will take care of all the behind the scenes details.


Installing WordPress

Your hosting provider will usually send you an email to a control panel where you will have access to everything related to your site. A lot of one click installations are available including WordPress! Once you install WordPress, you technically have a fully functional website!


Choose a Theme

But my website doesn’t look good! Well, the lovely people at WordPress have a huge listing of free themes you can install. Most off them are also customizable if you don’t like the font or color scheme they used.┬áThere are several other websites that offer free or sell paid themes in case you don’t really find something that fits your vision.

For this website, I am using the customizr theme which is by default using the black color scheme. They offer however, a huge list of different font options and colors to choose from. The changes are immediately updated so you can see what your website looks like every step of the way.


Setting up an ecommerce plugin

One of the favorite ecommerce plugin is Woocommerce. Not only does it offer you a place to upload and manage your products, but it also includes sections where you can set up your online payments system in a few clicks. Woocommerce will also create your shopping cart, user account, checkout pages, etc… They also offer the possibility of creating digital products, which are perfect in case you design patterns as well!


Start selling!

Your website and store system are now ready! All you have to do now is upload your products. Don’t forget to take beautiful pictures and add pricing, a description etc… You are ready to sell!

If you need any help or additional information during any of these steps, feel free to send me a message and I’ll do my best to help you!

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