Cross Stitch Kits for Beginners

Cross-stitch kits for beginners should be your top choice if you’re introducing someone to this craft. They will help beginners slowly learn how to stitch without having to spend hundreds of dollars by buying every single color of floss before deciding on whether they’re not interested in it or not (which we all know they will).

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What is a Cross-Stitch Kit?

Usually, cross-stitch kits will include everything you need for your first project: the pattern, the threads, the fabric, the needles and sometimes the hoop! You’ll find everything in one place and you’ll be ready to go!

Here’s an example of what’s in a beginner’s kit from Amazon:

  • 1pc dark blue cotton classic reserve Aida with Botanical Garden pattern on it,
  • 1pc 8 inch embroidery hoop,
  • 12 color soft embroidery threads,
  • 2pcs embroidery needles, 1pc scissor,
  • 1pc instructions

What to look for when buying a cross-stitch kit for beginners?

Even though cross-stitch kits are great for beginners, it doesn’t necessarily mean all kits are! Don’t be tempted by the beautiful designs you see! If it’s your first project, stick to smaller simpler designs, with not too many colors and shades. But don’t worry! Just because a design is simple doesn’t mean it won’t look pretty!

Be careful when buying as some kits may not offer everything in the package. However, vendors will usually list what the contents are so double check before buying.

Where to get these kits from?

You will find cross-stitch kits for beginners in almost all craft stores. Even experienced stitchers buy kits sometimes! You can find these beginner kits on Amazon, Etsy, Minerva Crafts etc

Do you prefer buying kits when stitching?

Happy stitching!

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