Cross-Stitched Christmas Gift Ideas

I love Christmas gifts. I love giving them and I love receiving them. What better way to show how much you know a person than creating a handmade gift just for them? Since I cross-stitch (and I’m usually almost broke by the time the season comes), I always go through gift ideas I can make to fit that special person’s personality.

Even though you can simply frame your cross-stitched piece and give it as a gift. There are so many great finishing ideas you can be inspired from.

Here’s a list of cross-stitched Christmas gift ideas you can give this season.

For the Bookworm, a Bookmark

Bookmarks are very easy to create and can be a great gift for that family member or friend who loves to spend their free time reading. Patterns for bookmarks are usually rectangular in shape but you can do whatever you want! Be original and creative. You can stitch a design, a quote from their favorite book or simply their name.

For the Other Bookworm, a Book Cover

If you already got a book as a gift, instead of wrapping it in gift paper, create your own book cover. This gift idea may take more time to create, but the end result will definitely be worth it and appreciated by your bookworm.

For the Old-School Photo Lover, a Cross-Stitched Frame

The best thing about cross-stitching is the number of finishing options you have. If your parents love printing and framing pictures all around the house, then this is the perfect gift from them. If you have a picture in mind, even better. Print it out so you can have a better idea of the frame size you will need.

For the Selfie-Lover, their Cross-Stitched Picture

We all know someone who just loves to take those selfies. Go through their social-media (legally!) and convert their picture into a cross-stitch pattern.

Bonus points if the picture is of a selfie!

For the Couch Potato, a Cross-Stitched Pillow

Making cross-stitched pillows is easier than you think. You can stitch one side or both sides and the stitchable area is usually larger. What I usually do is stitch an image on one side and a custom quote on the other.

For the Fashionista, a Handbag

This one is for the more advanced as you will need a sewing machine for that. If you’re at an advanced level and have that very picky fashionista in mind, this can turn out to be a great idea.

There are plenty of ways to convert your cross-stitch into Christmas gift ideas.

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