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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for a Cross Stitch Addict

Do you have a family member or friend who loves cross stitching? Wondering what to get them this Christmas? Don’t worry, because you’ve come to the right place for gift ideas for an avid cross stitcher. Feel free to get any one of these… or more… or even all of them! Your loved one will thank you for it. (If you’re a cross stitcher, you can share this article to, well, inspire your family and friends…).

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A Cross Stitch Kit

Cross stitch kits are perfect especially if you’re getting a gift for a beginner. This is because they usually include the fabric, the right colors and the pattern. It’s sort of a one-stop-shop gift. The pattern doesn’t have to be Christmas themed. After all, by the time they unbox the gift Christmas will be over. Louise Maelys has beginner-friendly kits for everyone.

Think about your loved one’s taste and get a kit with a pattern that represents them well. There are basically two main types of kits, counted and stamped. Get a stamped kit for a beginner and counted for more intermediate or advanced stitchers.

Try the following websites that offer Cross-Stitch Kits:

Cross Stitching Books

There are several types of books related to cross-stitching, some contain sets of patterns, others are about cross stitching itself. There’s a large variety of books online to choose from (be careful not to accidentally buy the historical series Cross-Stitch instead!). To make your life easier, here are a few titles to choose from:

A Magazine Subscription

Why not get a year long gift by subscribing them to a cross stitching magazine. Magazines don’t necessarily come in print editions these days, so you can choose a digital format instead. There are several magazines online providing patterns, free gifts, etc… Here are a few recommended ones:

  • Cross Stitch Crazy
  • Cross Stitch Gold
  • The World of Cross-Stitch

Restock Their Supplies

You have probably heard your loved one complaining about running out of supplies. As a result, they are always running to the nearest craft store to replenish colors or fabric. Why not surprise them with a complete stock up. Supplies can be needles (we lose them all the time no matter how careful we are!), fabric, scissors, floss, hoops, stands, etc… Try the following websites for a variety of supplies:

There you go. You now have a full list of Christmas gift ideas for a cross stitch addict. Happy holidays!

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