About Cross Stitch Academy

Beginners Welcome!

If you’ve never tried cross stitch you’re in the right place. We introduce the basics and get you started. If you’re an experienced cross stitcher, we post ongoing tips and patterns to keep you inspired.

Cross stitching is easy. But, like most crafts, it takes a while to find your rhythm.

Newcomers can be confused by stitch types and patterns. Or run out of enthusiasm to complete a bigger project.

Many give up before they master the calm, meditative focus of regular embroidery. And we know that’s a waste! Crafting is an awesome way to reduce screentime, introduce flow, and soothe the mind-clutter of a busy day.

Cross Stitch Academy gives you simple guidance to speed up learning and avoid mistakes. And we’ll connect you to modern pattern makers and online communities to grow your skills. 

How many people buy hobby supplies and never start?
Or lose motivation half way through their first project.

We don’t want that to be you. Everyone learning new skills needs a little help and fun along the way.

Cross Stitch Academy collates easy resources into one place so you spend less time searching and more time sewing.

I bought Cross Stitch Academy from the original founder in late 2020. (Buying a website is a story for another day – there’s lots of accounts to move!) It’s now part of a small family of sites that help people explore and extend their creativity.

Happy stitching 🙂
Lara Knight

We've updated Cross Stitch Academy to make it easier to use. We hope you LOVE your new hobby and we'll keep sourcing patterns, pattern makers, sewing gurus and supplies to keep you inspired.