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8 Gorgeous Garden Cross Stitch Designs

Can’t get enough of your lovely flower garden? Bring it inside! Garden patterns are perfect for adding a touch of Victorian style to your home or office interior. Beginners and advanced stitchers will love these cottage garden cross stitch patterns because they’re simple and straightforward with lots of room for you to personalize each one. Ready to stitch? Enjoy this collection of floral landscapes with adorable animals, gazebos, and vintage engraved flowers

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1. Japanese Flower Garden – Dimensions store

This lovely Japanese Garden Dimensions cross stitch pattern is ideal for beginners and experienced needleworkers. This pattern kit measures 12″ x 16″ and is the perfect addition to any home or office. The stitch is easy to follow, just refer to the detailed instructions provided before starting work on your project. Frame your finished cross stitch work to create a one-of-a-kind piece of DIY wall art.

2. Garden Door – Wilton Store

With this charming Wilton cross stitch kit, you can add a whimsical touch to the interior design of your home. It’s also the ideal present for any cat enthusiast. For cross stitchers, this pastel flower cross stitch kit will be a pleasant and gratifying challenge. Everything needed to finish the craft, including Aida fabric, cotton threads, and a needle, is included in this kit.

3. Waterfront Garden – Joy Sunday

Cross stitching is a fun hobby or pastime. It’s simple, relaxing, and enjoyable and this Joy cross stitch kit includes everything you need to get started. Stitching up this garden scene with lake, gazebo, and roses is sure to bring you hours of joy. You will not only earn a work of art, but also a fabulous gift suitable for any occasion.

4. Garden Villa – Joy Sunday

Try this garden villa cross stitch pattern from Joy if you’re looking for a relaxing activity to do with your hands during your break. This project has a unique look and is a lot of fun. 14CT indicates that there are 14 grids in one inch of fabric, and stamped kit implies that the pattern has been printed on the fabric. Just a tip, after you’ve finished stitching, soak the fabric in water for 30 minutes to remove the print, let it dry, and then you can proudly put it on your wall.

5. Garden Path – Maydear

Maydear’s garden path cross stitch pattern is an easy, uplifting cross stitch project. This dreamy landscape has accurate pre-printed patterns, simple instructions, and symbols with corresponding numbers to make cross stitching fun. The positive grids keep your eyes from tiring.

6. Sunflower Garden – Maydear

Bring bright sunflowers indoors with this picturesque Maydear garden cross stitch design. The color and details make this work of art summery and fresh all year round. Beautiful in any setting and ideal for beginners. You’ll be ecstatic when you finish this project!

7. Birds Gather in Garden – Captain Crafts

Playful birds in the garden, just waiting for you to stitch them. This colorful Captain embroidery kit comes with pre-sorted cotton thread, cotton fabric, a needle, and a stamped option. Your DIY masterpiece will be completed in no time, and the best part is that kids can stitch it themselves using the simple instructions included in the kit. An ideal gift for bird lovers or to give as a housewarming gift.

8. Cats in the garden – Yeesam

This Yeesam garden-themed kit features two adorable cats shaded by gorgeous roses. The pattern is pre-printed on the fabric and includes a grid line pattern. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced stitcher, everyone can enjoy this pattern with minimal skill requirements.

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