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7 Elegant Rose Cross Stitch Patterns

A rose is a quintessential flower associated with a wide range of intense emotions and sensations. It’s a popular cross stitch pattern for family and friends and a versatile decorative piece in every home. This collection of 7 stunning rose cross stitch patterns will add a touch of intricacy to any space.

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1. Red Rose with Butterflies by ITSSTITCH

Starting with the classic red rose that adds a fiery and colorful accent to your area all year. The bright yellow butterflies on top add a twist. This ITSSTITCH kit includes a 26 x 30cm (10.2″x11.8″) cloth, two needles, DMC embroidery thread, and a manual. You can’t go wrong with this rose pattern because it’s suitable for beginners!

2. Black Moon Cat Counted by Dimensions

If you’re looking for a unique and elegant cross stitch pattern, this purple rose heart is a must-try! Purple is frequently associated with mysticism, glory, sophistication and royalty while rose is commonly indicative of charm and love. A wonderful way to convey your feelings for someone special. Presorted cotton thread, cotton fabric, needle, and manual are all included in this embroidery kit from Captain Crafts. What we enjoy about this pattern is that you don’t need to construct a grid because the print is 100% correct and simplifies things for you.

3. The Cross Rose by ITSSTITCH

Add a little bit of challenge to your cross stitch project with this elegant ITSSTITCH cross rose pattern. Easy-to-follow directions, a properly pre-printed pattern, symbols, and DMC colors, make this needlework simple and enjoyable to complete.

4. Rose Cutting by Dimensions

Imagine having these delicate blooms, one pink and one yellow just-cut rose, hanging on your wall! This Dimensions floral pattern, with its lovely intricacies, is guaranteed to be a pleasant and fulfilling challenge for cross stitch lovers. The embroidery kit comes with 14 count ivory Aida, presorted cotton thread, a needle, and simple instructions. The dimensions are 14 x 9  inches – a good size for newbies.

5. Pink Roses by Maydear

If you like vintage style, you’ll adore this Dimensions bouquet of pink roses atop a white chair pattern. The design and colors are amazing, making this an ideal DIY floral wall art for your home. The pack contains 14 count beige Aida fabric, presorted cotton thread, a needle, and instructions. Just be prepared to put in some effort as this is a larger project.

7. Rose Basket by Funchey


This Funchey DIY rose basket cross stitch kit is simple to use and includes a pre-printed embroidered fabric, two needles, a manual, and a high-quality pattern with a variety of color threads. All you have to do is stick to the pre-printed symbols. This kit’s concise and vivid colors make it a delight to stitch. It’s the ideal good introductory embroidery kit for any age group.

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