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6 Fun Cross Stitch Projects for Kids

Cross stitch embroidery is having a major rise in popularity in the modern handicraft scene. Regardless of your age, creative ability or sewing skill, cross stitch is an easy-to-learn and satisfying needlework.

The Advantages of Cross Stitching with Children

  1. Screen-free activity

In this tech world, kids are engrossed in digital consumption. Sewing offers a little balance and variety. Cross stitching helps to reduce screen time while engaging your child’s creative mind, and it provides a great sense of achievement when a finished design is ready to display.

  1. Enhances motor skills

Sewing can help strengthen your child’s hand-eye coordination, focus, manual dexterity and mathematical abilities. If your child has a short attention span, start with simple patterns that can be completed quickly. 

  1. More bonding time

Doing enjoyable hobbies with your kids helps their development and strengthens your bond. Brainstorming ideas, honing skills, picking cute patterns, or working on craft projects in the same space builds confidence. You’ll be surprised what they pick up by watching you.

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Easy to Follow Patterns

Introducing your kids to basic embroidery craft kits is a good route to get them started on cross stitching. With a variety of designs, your kids will be challenged and stimulated for hours.

1. Galt Toys Cross Stitch Case

Galt cross stitch case includes several cross stitch projects such as a butterfly cushion, a quirky owl, a perfumed heart, a flower pencil case, and a cupcake needle book. The kit comes with the basics such as needles, frames, and threads, making it ideal for beginners!

2. Pllieay Embroidery Beginner Kits

This kid’s cross stitch embroidery kit is created with a printed pattern, making projects incredibly simple to execute. Play around with Pllieay’s 10 piece adorable pattern designs, as well as the basic needle point kits for beginners. It is a popular choice for both children and adults who wish to learn to stitch. After finishing this project, it would be an excellent gift for friends or family, or could be framed and used as room decor.

3. Alex Toys Simply Needlepoint Butterfly

Get your kids hyped up with this fabulous Alex Toys needlepoint butterfly cross stitch kit. This project is easy to figure out even if you’re not a crafty person. It contains pre-printed plastic canvas, plastic frame, 44 pieces of yarn, plastic needle and easy to follow instructions. This butterfly-themed needlepoint looks fantastic in a frame once it’s completed – a great way to show off your work.

4. Craftiloo Needlepoint Cat & Dog Wallet Kit

No previous experience is required with this Craftiloo cat and dog wallet kit. This simple arts and crafts needlepoint wallet for kids includes a pre-printed wallet and a cheeky design that young ones will enjoy. A great starter activity for those who wish to learn how to sew. The finished wallet can be used in daily life or shared as a gift, so the time invested will be well spent.

5. Easter Egg Wooden Cross Stitch

This brightly colored Baker Ross easter egg wooden cross stitch is guaranteed to attract your child’s attention. This DIY project is an excellent introduction to building your kid’s embroidery abilities and dexterity. Each kit includes an easter egg-shaped template as well as embroidery thread, ribbon, and a plastic needle. Kids will enjoy displaying their finished ornaments. This exercise is great for classroom activities, tiny presents, party prizes, and more.

6. Embroidery Bookmark

Calling all book lovers! Spice things up with these adorable and colorful Povitrulya owl bookmarks. Ideal for children or adults who have explored stitching and have basic craft abilities. This embroidery kit includes a color pattern, 16-count Aida fabric, Mouline threads and needles. Makes a cute handmade gift for friends.

Start Them Young

Hand stitching, like many hobbies, takes time to learn, especially for the little ones. While it may be tempting to keep them engaged with electronic gadgets, cross stitching can be really fun with the right techniques, materials, and company!

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