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5 Holiday-Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns to Celebrate Festivity at Home

The festivity of the holiday season deserves some meaningful art, and cross stitch is here to boost our creativity! Beyond making time for your friends and families, it’s also important during this occasion to just sit in the corner, bond with yourself, and improve your artistry through needles, bunch of colorful threads, and a fabric.

Cross stitch is one of the most intimate forms of art. A cozy season should be cherished with a warm activity, and cross stitch is the perfect way to celebrate and be creative. There are a lot of cross stitch patterns you can begin with, and you can draw inspiration from the holiday season itself. So grab your needles and floss, and let’s start stitching your way to festivity! Below are some holiday-inspired cross stitch pattern ideas that you can try at home.

1. Snowflake – Simplicity

Perhaps you might want to start with a simple and minimalistic pattern. Well, this snowflake design in a blue fabric could be your next stitch while sipping a hot cup of coffee during a frosty day. This pattern is very flexible. You can choose the background color of the fabric, yet be careful in changing the colors of the snowflake—sticking with white and grayish thread colors might be enough to perfectly craft this design.

Moreover, this pattern is not demanding when it comes to colors. You can pick only one and proceed with stitching and following the guide. For better presentation, you can also add beads for that sparkling snow effect. The beads could also elevate the snowflake pattern to avoid a bland or flat final work.

2. A-Frame House – The Stranded Stitch

Everybody misses their childhood holiday memories. The smoky cabin of your grandfather in the middle of a forest could be your next holiday pattern idea for cross stitching. This pattern is a reminiscence of intimate moments with our family during holidays. You can even stitch this while sitting in front of a fireplace to feel that extra warmth just like hugs on a Christmas Eve.

Although it might seem a little complicated, it’s still fun to try especially if you’re up for some challenge! It’s perfect to go through with the green, brown, and red color palette. Feel free to add more texture to the elements through shadows. All you need is to pick the lighter versions of colors in your palette and voila, you can now frame and hang this in your living room. If you’re feeling more enthusiastic, try to stitch words below the pattern. It could be anything that represents your inner child or your family.

3. Snowman – Everything Cross Stitch

Who can forget our favorite holiday character? Up to this day, kids are still drawn to snowman because it’s fun and interactive to build. If you’re a parent or if you have kids at your home, they will probably enjoy seeing this pattern in your cross stitch project.

For this pattern, you need to be more creative and imaginative. Pick a particular design where there are a lot of elements besides the snowman itself (like the above photo). We suggest finding patterns that are colorful with a lot of holiday elements. Then you can put it in a frame and hang it in one of your kids’ rooms!

4. Christmas Baubles – Spruce Craft Co

The holidays are all about colors and festivity! And what’s more perfect to stitch than the bright Christmas baubles? This next cross stitch project of yours could be an amazing opportunity for you to experiment with your craft through color combinations. You can draw inspiration from Moroccan designs, mosaics, or even indigenous patterns! These styles are unique as we don’t usually see them from traditional cross stitch decorations.

Just like the pattern above, some holiday-related phrases such as “Happy Holidays!” or “Seasons Greetings” can be added to your bauble pattern. It’s a wonderful and remarkable display to hang on your doorstep. Your visitors will certainly feel the warmth of your home as you welcome them in!

5. Partridge in a Pear Tree – Heritage Crafts

I bet you sing this one! This pattern is inspired by the famous holiday song “12 Days of Christmas”. And before you continue with the entire song, quickly grab your fabric and threads to stitch this one! It’s certainly unusual for people to create a cross stitch from a holiday song. But that is what makes it beautiful, isn’t it? No one can ever see this coming. And if someone notices this in your living room, you two definitely can have a great sing-along before lunch or dinner!

With this pattern, greenish colors are prominent because of the pear and the leaves. And the thing we love the most is the bright orange color of the partridge in the middle of the fabric. It’s festive and colorful on its own, and it’s surely a head-turner design! Besides hanging this on your wall, you can put this on your kids’ socks or a scarf. That’s all we can say, you can now continue singing while cross stitching!

BONUS: A scene from your favorite holiday movie

If you have been cross stitching for some time, and you can already create your own pattern, perhaps you can consider stitching something closer to you, like your favorite holiday movie. It’s the perfect gift for yourself! You’re not only stitching for the craftsmanship, but also because it’s precious to you, and you would like to spend more time creating it for yourself.

There’s a lot to choose from. From the classic Home Alone to heartwarming Love Actually, these movies will remind us of the connections with the ones closest to us. To stitch these scenes is a reminder for us of what makes us truly happy. And that perfectly sums up this festive and intimate season through the art of cross stitch.


Cross stitch is the perfect holiday activity you can enjoy while on a break. The patterns above are just a tiny speck of the thousands of ideas and available patterns online. You can draw inspiration from anywhere—from your dog or your family members and even your nosy neighbor! What’s important is that you get to spend time with yourself in the name of the holiday spirits. Happy holidays and keep on stitching!

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