Didn’t learn how to sew or embroider at Nana’s knee?

You’re not alone! Most of us know more about mobile apps than sewing tools.
But it’s never too late to learn. Cross stitch is a simple hobby that everyone, from kids to grandad, can try out in an afternoon. How skilful (or how obsessed) you become is up to you 🙂

Starting Cross Stitch: The Basics Beginner Guide

Are you a cross stitching newbie? Here’s everything you need to know to get started. Cross stitching has been around for centuries and is enjoyed by men and women of all ages. It is one of the easiest crafts to pick up, and provides a...
Different types of stitches in cross stitch, Cross Stitch Academy

The Different Types of Stitches in Cross Stitching

Not all stitches are created equal. Well, what I wanted to say is that in cross stitching, there are different types of stitches. Each stitch serves a purpose and adds to the beauty of the finished piece. The Cross Stitch This is the most common...

Preparing the Fabric Before Stitching

You have your pattern and all the right threads. All you have to do now is start stitching. Wrong. You have to start by preparing the fabric. There are a few things to do before stitching to reduce problems half way though. Find Out How...
Difference between stamped cross stitch and counted cross stitch

Counted Versus Stamped Cross Stitch

If you’re shopping for patterns or cross stitch kits you’ll probably see stamped, no-count, or counted cross stitch on different items. What is the difference and which should you choose? All cross stitch projects follow the same concept: each square is allocated a specific type of...

How to Read a Cross Stitch Pattern

Early in your cross stitching journey it helps to follow a pattern that shows you every colour and where it goes. You’ll find patterns in ready made cross stitch kits, as pdf downloads from other crafters, or you can build your own with pattern making...
How to use an embroidery hoop, Cross Stitch Academy

How to Use an Embroidery Hoop

It’s no secret that I love using an embroidery hoop when cross-stitching. Even though some people prefer not using it, or using other tools, I think it’s one of the most practical solutions to keep your fabric in place. What does an embroidery hoop consist...

5 Holiday-Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns to Celebrate Festivity at Home

The festivity of the holiday season deserves some meaningful art, and cross stitch is here to boost our creativity! Beyond making time for your friends and families, it’s also important during this occasion to just sit in the corner, bond with yourself, and improve your artistry through needles, bunch of colorful threads, and a fabric. Cross stitch is one of the most intimate forms of art. A cozy season should be cherished with a warm...
Part of free cross stitch pattern by SmartCrossStitch.com

5 Websites to Find Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Pic above: Part of a Christmas Deer free cross stitch pattern at smartcrossstitch.com We all love free cross stitch patterns and they’re brilliant for beginner practice. You can spend days searching for designs online, so we’ve compiled a list of websites with simple free patterns you can download and use. NOTE: Make sure to read the author’s notice on each pattern. While some don’t mind you selling your final work, or sharing the patterns with...